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Will Risk Life for Mason Jars

Oh wedding planning… It’s been quite the journey already. I thought for sure it had gone too far when my mom and I decided to drive all the way out to Sedro Woolley for 14 more blue mason jars, even though we already had 28 of them. It was quite possibly one of the scariest days of my life.

My mom had found a listing on Craigslist by a man named Nate who claimed he had about 14 blue Mason jars for only $2 a piece. My mom quickly saved his phone number in her phone as “Nate Jars” and texted him saying we wanted to buy all of the jars he had. We are going to make centerpieces for every table that look something like this:

We decided it was not smart to go by ourselves, so we brought Kyle along to defend us if needed. We plugged Nate’s address into the GPS… 45 minutes from Bellingham. Yikes. We started driving to the middle of nowhere, making jokes about where it might be. Kyle said “Just watch, the road will turn from cement to gravel… gravel to dirt… and dirt to a field with a machete and a sign that says just hack your way to the house from here.

I then looked at the screen on the roof of the van and noticed that we were 0 miles to empty, and we were still 5 miles from his house. “MOM! You didn’t get gas before we drove all the way out here??” I said, terrified that we were going to run out of gas at Nate Jar’s house. She quickly replied “Ohh don’t even worry about it, we can make it like 30 miles on empty.” Now I was more scared than I had been before.

The GPS just kept winding us through the most run-down roads I’d ever seen. We finally got to the gravel road the house was on, and when we turned in I got even more scared than I already had been before. My mom called Nate to let him know that we were there and he said, “Yep! Keep driving up the dirt road up the hill.”  I got freaked out at the sound of this and quickly pinched my mom’s arm whispering for her not to keep driving. She quickly yelled “OUCH!” while she was still on the phone with him. He just chuckled.

We pulled up and there he was, standing in front of his house in front of a box full of blue mason jars. I took a quick look at him, yelled “he has scary hands!” and crawled out of the front seat, jumped over Kyle, and hid in the very back of the van. My mom and Kyle casually got out of the van and walked over to where Nate was standing. My mom quickly began telling him of how we had stored his number as Nate Jars in her phone. He seemed friendly enough so I got out and walked over to where they were talking. My mom then decided to tell him about how the whole way there we were scared that he might be a murderer. We told him that we drove all the way from Lynden, so we had plenty of time to worry ourselves about what kind of person he might be.  My mom quickly piped up and said “Yeah, that’s why I yelled ‘ouch!’ on the phone, was because Tayler was telling me to turn around!” Not only was I mortified that she said this, but I was feeling as if it wasn’t necessary to be telling him all of this. Before I could say another word my mom added “We’re not too worried though cause we brought a firefighter to protect us!” He gave her a confused look and went on to tell us this joke:

Nate: “Wanna know why Tacoma got all the rapists and murderers and Lynden got all the conservative Christians?”

Us: “Why?”

Nate: “Cause Tacoma got the first pick! Hahahahahaha.”

We nervously looked at each other and I quickly asked how much we owed him for the jars, hoping to get out of there as soon as possible. We paid him $20 for 14 jars! For those of you who don’t know, this is an incredible deal. They normally run for anywhere between $8-$25 per jar depending on their size and condition. Generally they’re used for vintage weddings (like ours will be) but lately I’ve been seeing them in all different kinds of weddings. They’re becoming quite the hot commodity, so their value is gradually rising.

We wrapped up our jars, made it to a gas station, and headed home. We were so happy to be alive, AND have 14 more jars, bringing our grand total to 42. And no, you can’t have any of them. As my mom said yesterday “I feel like they’re our babies!” When people come over my dad asks them if they would like to see “Tayler’s sick obsession.” AKA, my 42 blue mason jars. :)


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    Only Michelle….


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