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We booked a DJ! We decided to go with Drew at WannaDance. He is just what we were looking for, and we got rave reviews from his previous clients. He is extra perfect because we really wanted a DJ with our sense of humor, and boy is he sarcastic. We made up a tentative play list for the ceremony, began the play list for the reception, and got started on the “do not play” list (Before He Cheats, Like a Virgin, Since You’ve Been Gone, etc). The meeting ended up being quite entertaining.  I’m really looking forward to having Drew DJ for us!

As we were about to leave, Drew told us to start putting together a list of songs Kyle and I like and give it to him at our last meeting so that he can get an idea of what songs we like, and then play the ones on our list, as well as similar songs and artists at the wedding. When he told me this I said, “So basically you’re our own human Pandora!” My mom quickly added in “You’re MANDORA!” Drew died laughing and told us he will now be changing his business name, or possibly even his first name to Mandora :)

So that’s my story for the week. Tune in next time for our meeting with the caterer!

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