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Fiery Bride

I thought that it was about time I dedicate a blog post to my incredible husband-to-be. Over the past five months especially, I’ve come to truly realize how kind and patient he is. He has helped make wedding planning quite enjoyable. In case you didn’t know… I’m not the most mellow person (*gasp!* Surprising, I know). Even the littlest thing can send me into a complete state of panic. I like to blame my strong personality on my red hair, and my family history of hot-tempered women. Somehow he always knows what to say to alleviate my bursts of anxiety over minuscule wedding details, and it does make me feel better that when I ask Kyle his favorite things about me, he will usually include my “fiery personality.” Though I’m fairly sure that doesn’t apply all the time, like I said, the wedding planning process thus far has been (mostly) delightful. This is primarily thanks to Kyle, and his dedication and patience.

With this I would like to share a story: I was not having a good day, whatsoever…

T: “Kyle, sometimes I feel like I can’t even be excited for our wedding! So many people think we’re too young and they aren’t even happy for me when I tell them I’m engaged.”

K: “I’m happy for you. I’m happy for us. I couldn’t be more excited, and that’s all that matters. I love you, Tay. When we hit our platinum anniversary they’ll realize they were wrong.”

T: “I love you too. But I don’t think very many of them will be around in 70 years…” :)

See? He’s perfect for me. If I were marrying someone as high strung as I am, I think we would feed off of each others stress and end up running off of a cliff or something. Though I sometimes wish he would lose his cool every once in awhile, I do appreciate his ever present state of equanimity. When I’m about to to go beat someone up he reminds we what’s really important. I love you Leo Kyle Beede… Thank you for being so patient with your very spirited bride.


  1. uberbrides says:

    He is so right (and right for you). It doesn’t matter what others say. As long as you are happy.

    We love reading about all your planning. Keep it up.

  2. MissT says:

    Thank you! It’s always nice to know who my followers are :)

  3. mom says:


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