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The Gift Registry

Kyle and I were in Bellingham on Friday killing time and decided to be spontaneous and go register at Bed Bath & Beyond. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well it was.

We went in and created an account with their registry representative. She asked if we would like to go around the store with the scanner on our own, or if we’d like to be escorted by an associate. I figured it could get awkward for the poor sales associate who would be standing there as we argued about which color of towels to register for, so I told her we wouldn’t be needing an associate to escort us. Kyle just stood there smiling. I could tell he was excited to have that scanner in his hand. I was surprised when he said I could have it first.


We began in the kitchen section, an overwhelming place to start. Luckily, I had brought my iPad with a registry checklist. We took turns with the scanner, and Kyle made sure we each got our fair share with it. Things went pretty smoothly, until we got to the bathroom décor section. We stood there arguing about shower curtains for a while, since everything I liked was too “girly.” We finally agreed on one (its still a bit too manly for me), and we moved along to bedding. I had my eye on a set that I LOVED, but I wasn’t even going to mention it since it was much more girly than any of the shower curtains I had suggested just minutes earlier. Kyle walked right over to that exact set, and said “Wow. I really love this bedding set.” Needless to say, our decision was made.

As we were picking out curtains Kyle said “Can you believe it? We’re picking out curtains! I never thought this day would come.” He was much more excited about registering than I had expected him to be.

We registered for all of the staple items, as well as some fun stuff. A Keurig coffee machine, a waffle maker, picture frames, cozy blankets, etc. It was much more fun than I had expected! We were planning on registering at a few different places, but I was really impressed with Bed Bath and Beyond’s selection, and we found everything we needed.

And now when people ask me where we are registered, I can finally say “Bed Bath & Beyond” instead of “We’re lame and still haven’t registered.” : )


  1. Mary Lang says:

    Very proud of you , since I was one of those who asked where you were registered. It helps even if some one is giving you something that they made, they can see the colors and themes that you love. And I love my kuerig, so good move.

  2. I love the sheets. I’m so glad you had a good experience. When I see you next, I will tell you about my gift registry experience – HA! :)

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