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Good Friends Are Important

Last Saturday Molly and I had planned to head down to Mt. Vernon for a day full of wedding errands. Molly got to my house in the morning, and we decided to make a quick stop at the mall to get YoguSan frozen yogurt, and then be on our way to my dress fitting.

After YoguSan we got back into my car, with our green tea fro-yo in hand. I turned on my car and it instantly started shaking back and forth. It was shaking so bad I was afraid to drive, so I called the Sears Auto Center. The guy on the phone chuckled when I asked if it was safe for me to drive my car halfway across the parking lot. He said worst-case scenario, my car would stop working and they would come out and push it.

We dropped off my car, and he said it would be a couple of hours. I had to get to my dress fitting, and Kyle was in Bellingham with his friend Mike, so I asked if he could bring me his car. I didn’t want to have them lower my car back down so I could get my dress out once Kyle got there, so I had no choice but to take it out ahead of time.

So there Molly and I stood, holding my dress, which felt like it weighed upwards of 500 pounds. We also had my huge petticoat, along with my shoes, slip, and veils. We stood out there for about 45 minutes, when Kyle and Mike finally showed up with their cars. Kyle got out, handed me his keys, and we were on our way—until we heard a loud pop. We looked back to see Mike’s car, slumped down to one side because his front right tire had gone flat.

At this point I was convinced that Sears had to be purposefully ruining cars in the mall parking lot, in order to bring in customers. By the time they filled out the paperwork and got his car in, mine was ready to be picked up. We were finally actually on our way to Mt. Vernon this time.

We shopped around at some thrift and antique stores for a while. I found the most beautiful 1930’s trunk to use for our coffee table, which was marked down from $250 to $50. I was ecstatic because Kyle and I had been drooling over one exactly like it in an antique store just a week earlier, but decided against it because it was $280, so $50 was a steal.

After that we rushed to my dress fitting (another blog post), and then went to pick up the groomsmens’ suits. We barely made it to Men’s Wearhouse on time, and there was such traffic that we decided to park down the street and run. Once we got the suits we had to hike back to my car. Molly is such a trooper.

Believe it or not, we even stopped for a photo-shoot after that, so that Molly could take a picture for my bridal shower invitations.

I think I went to bed at 9:30 PM that night. What a day.

All I can say is good godly friends are so important! Molly is always there for me. She supports me, she calls me out on the carpet when I’m in the wrong, and she’s always there when I simply need to talk. I encourage you to actively search out great friends!


  1. Wedding preparations is no easy business, and those car complications would have sent most brides-to-be over the edge. Congrats to you for surviving this far! It is awesome that you have a good support system through this. Good luck with the rest of your wedding adventures!

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