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Most Everyone’s Mad Here

When my mom told me the theme for the bridal shower, I must say, I was a bit surprised. It’s definitely not going to be your average shower. I am enjoying seeing it come together. It’s going to be SO fun and unique. I cannot wait.

My mom, our dear friend Erin, and I decided to get up early today and hit as many garage sales as we could, in effort to find some more items for this whimsical party. I’m not sure why getting up at 7:00 AM when I’m just getting over being sick sounded like fun, but it did.

At one of the last sales we stopped at, we got into a conversation with the woman who was having the sale. We talked mostly wedding, since her daughter was also getting married. When she heard my mom was looking for unique bridal shower favors, she took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking, pulled us over to the corner of the garage, and took out a small box.

“This lady around the corner sells these. She has HUNDREDS.”
“Where does the live?!”
“In a little green house. She has a tiny white dog out front. It’s about 4 houses down.”

We quickly rushed to find this little green house with the tiny white dog.

We found her (Lisa), her friend (Colleen), and her dog (Samzi) out front, and we asked her if she had any left. Her neighbor was right, she had hundreds. And they were perfect.

Little tiny lace bras filled with potpourri, placed in adorable vintage-looking boxes. They’re meant to be placed in your dresser drawers. Could there be a more perfect bridal shower favor?

And did I mention that these two ladies were awesome? I wanted to stay and hang out with them all day. They were so fun.

We even got some pictures…

(Rest assured, the bras pictured were just for display ;) )

Oh, and If you didn’t figure out the bridal shower theme from the title of this blog post, here’s a small hint:

Who knows… The Mad Hatter might even make an appearance.

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