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Our Cancun Honeymoon

We spent nine days in Cancun for our honeymoon, and we had a blast! The weather was perfect (Roughly 85 degrees), the resort was incredible, and the beach was GORGEOUS.

We arrived to a room covered in rose petals, and opened the door a beautiful moon-lit beach and the sound of waves crashing.

The restaurants in Cancun were delicious, and so were the beach-side drinks.

We spent the first couple of days relaxing and reading on the beach, and then decided to pick a few excursions. We decided to go on a sailboating trip to Isla Mujeres the next day. At $70 per person, it was quite the trip!

Holding a monkey was definitely one of Kyle’s favorite parts of the trip.

There were a few photographers on staff at the hotel, and we hired them to capture some pictures, as it was hard to get pictures of both of us when we were traveling alone.


I’ll treasure these gorgeous pictures forever.

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