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How to Laugh in the Middle of an Argument

First off—if you haven’t watched this video yet, please do.

I’ve always been known to be an arguer. My parents could tell you that much.

Well last week Kyle and I got into a rather heated argument. The issue was so miniscule that I honestly don’t even remember what it was about. However, I do remember we were late for church and instead of heading out to the car we were standing in the kitchen bickering.

“We’re late for church!” I exclaimed.

Kyle quickly responded by saying “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” in his very best Sweet Brown voice.

Oh boy. How could I not laugh? I was done for. He then proceeded to dance and sing this remix. (Please excuse most of the video…)

It has now become very common for one of us to say “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” in the middle of our arguments. Thank you, Sweet Brown, for turning countless fights into uncontrollable laughter.

Confession: Sometimes we play this song and dance around our living room.

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