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Enduring Trials

My high school experience was beyond terrible. I spent most breaks leaned up against the door inside the bathroom stall, waiting for the bell to ring. It sure wasn’t enjoyable, but it was better than roaming the halls alone. I prayed at the beginning of every single class—that we wouldn’t be doing an activity that required picking partners. I was always that girl that the teacher had to force someone to be partners with.

I’m writing over at Unveiled Wife today! Read the rest HERE.


  1. Jess says:

    Hi Taylor, I am so glad you followed me on twitter so I could read your beautiful blog. I skipped over the unveiled wife to read the rest of your story. It amazes me the way God works in others lives. What an incredible story of His faithfulness. I also couldn’t help but be so sad that had happened to you. I am so glad God brought you your best friend and now husband through all of that. :)
    Love, Jess

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