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All We Had Was Faith and Love

(Tayler and Kyle: age 16)

Kyle and I were just sitting at the table reminiscing about the past couple of years, and reflecting on God’s unbelievable sovereignty and grace.

When we got engaged, we felt an overwhelming peace. We had no doubt that it was what God had in store for us, and yet looking back, I have no idea how we were at such peace. I had just quit my job at the nursing home, and was working very part time for my dad. Kyle didn’t have a job at the time. There were so many unknowns, and we were barely out of high school, but we decided to take a leap of faith and just go for it. We decided to see how God would lead us.

Looking back, it makes me chuckle, because I’m sure everyone thought we had lost our minds.

We were supposed to get our degrees first, we were supposed to buy nice cars and house and have an overflowing savings account. We were supposed to be stable and know exactly who we were and where we were going in life before we even considered getting married. That’s what we were constantly being told. And yet somehow, all of those comments didn’t beat us down.

Somehow, Kyle got up the courage to take my dad out to lunch and ask him for my hand in marriage. And somehow, my dad said yes. And somehow, by the time we got married, we both had stable jobs and were able to rent an adorable apartment. And now, we’re both in jobs that are exactly aligned with our degrees. We both work at the same company, in the same department, in jobs that we love. We’re both able to be working full time jobs and going to school at the same time.

We’re realizing that there is no “somehow.”

We’re looking back on the past two years and realizing that God’s sovereignty, love, and grace is earth-shakingly, overwhelmingly, breathtakingly astounding.

There are so many unknowns for us over the next few years, but looking back on the last couple, I have no doubt that even when the going gets rough, He’ll have our back. All we have to do is trust. And years down the road, when we run into phases that we simply don’t know how we’ll get through, we’ll just have to remember that innocent conviction that we had when we were 18 and all we had was faith and love.


  1. Kris Bush says:

    Wow! I love your testimony! It reminds me of my husband and I’s story. We were a bit older but in a similar place and life. And of course God has gotten the glory for our marriage and yours! God bless!

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