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Introducing Nitty Gritty Love!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new blog, Nitty Gritty Love.

I’ll be blogging about the nit and grit of marriage alongside my mama, who has  been married 22 years.

I’ll still continue to blog at, but it will be much less frequent than over at Nitty Gritty Love. I’ll also be moving some of my more popular posts over to the new site.

Please stop by and check out, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Jeff Davis says:

    I am excited about your new venture, but don’t lose your roots. Offering perspectives from the Abraham Isaac’s and Jacobs is an awesome idea; just don’t forget your core group who are looking to you. Every generation has something to learn from the others, so i am so excited to see what your new blog will bring! God Bless and way to listen to The Lord for something He is trying to accomplish through you!

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